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  • I’ve been ordered to wear a SCRAM CAM bracelet. How do I get started?
    You can contact our 1-800-413-6221 or send us an email through our company website at www.safemonitoringsolutions.com
  • How much does it cost to wear SCRAM CAM?
    Pricing varies per county so call the office for pricing.
  • Will I set off alarms when I go through security checkpoints, like leaving a department store?
    No the SCRAM CAM device doesn't set off any alarms or security checkpoints.
  • Does the bracelet make noise?
    The Scram Cam bracelet makes a slight buzzing noise when the device is reading. This noise may occur 40 to 45 times a day when the device is reading alcohol levels.
  • Can I exercise with the bracelet on? Will it flop around and will that register as tampering?
    You can exercise with the device and the device will not register a tampering alert if it flop arounds from your exercise activity.
“Although I was ordered to wear the SCRAM CAM, I had a lot of apprehension. The guys at Safe Monitoring Solutions helped to ease my fears.”
— SCRAM CAM Participant

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