01 A better GPS device

SCRAM GPS® is a one-piece GPS tracking bracelet that combines superior location accuracy with industry-leading battery life, tamper detection, and case management/tracking software.
  • A fully integrated part of the SCRAM Systems suite of alcohol and location monitoring solutions, consolidated on a single platform
  • Utilizes the 3G cellular network
  • SCRAM GPS Analytics™ and Google Street View mapping simplify tracking and put your clients’ movements in context
  • Revolutionary tamper technology substantially reduces false alerts and provides nearly instant notifications
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02 See SCRAM CAM in action

03 SCRAM GPS analytics

  • View your entire alcohol and location monitoring caseload and manage alerts and participants with a single login from a phone, tablet, or desktop computer
  • The SCRAMNET Mobile app gets you information whenever, wherever you need it
  • Analyze up to a month of GPS points in seconds with GPS Analytics
  • See specific locations visited by a participant and easily distinguish between stops and travel


04 Revolutionary strap design

  • No intermittent strap disruptions alerts are genuine
  • No system-imposed grace periods to manage false alerts
  • Notification of removal is nearly instantaneous