Billing and fee collection

Please contact us for a quote of our fees and pricing in Texas. We bill and collect all fees for our SCRAM electronic monitoring products being used by clients.

Fees are to be paid prior to any device being removed. If fees are not paid during the client’s usage of the device, a violation will occur and the court will be notified.

01 Fees include

  • One-time installation/maintenance fee — this fee covers installation, maintenance, and any incidental damages to equipment and is due at the time of install.
  • Daily monitoring fees — daily monitoring fees vary and are based on program-specific criteria. These fees apply for the duration of the monitoring period.

02 Payment schedule

Clients are billed every two weeks while being monitored by Safe Monitoring Solutions. Should a client have their device removed within the two-week billing cycle, then all fees are to be paid prior to any device being removed.

Payment is due upon receipt of invoice.
Failure to make timely payments may result in court notification.

03 Payment methods

We accept such methods of payment as credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express) and debit cards.


04 Payment plans

For qualified applicants, flexible payment plans are available, however, arrangements must be made prior to the installation of equipment.

We offer an incentive based payment plan for clients who make timely payments and offer a 10% discount for pre-payment of monitoring service (90-day minimum).

“Although I was ordered to wear the SCRAM CAM, I had a lot of apprehension. The guys at Safe Monitoring Solutions helped to ease my fears.”
— SCRAM CAM Participant

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